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There seems to be some confusion about the activity of Harle Tinney to date, so lets clear that up folks... 

Harle Tinney did sell "Belcourt" the home but not the name, brand, phone number, business, website nor anything to do with the history of the Tinney Family ownership. The Tinney Family owned "Belcourt" later changed to "Belcourt Castle" for fifty-six years, the longest owners of the property.

 Harle Tinney has not been involved in any of the research, renovations, or redesign of the property known today simply as Belcourt. Having been an owner for over fifty years and possessing a knowledge of infinite lengths, she has not been allowed to participate in any stage of this renovation process.

 Harle Tinney does not work for the new owner, and has not been given a job as an historic consultant. Harle Tinney states, she has not appointed any one person, certainly not a guest as the historian for the Tinney Family period of ownership. She is involved in many positive projects regarding her ownership of such a Richard Morris Hunt beauty, known during the Tinney family ownership as, Belcourt Castle.  Mrs. Tinney is also volunteering her time with a local church and has been acknowledged for her work there.

 Thank you for sending in many photographs and emails in support of the Tinney Family and your memories that happened during the Tinney period at the home. There is a great inventory to be shared with everyone. The Tinney family helped create magic and make moments and memories for thousands of visitors from all over the world, something they did all on their own.

 Donald Tinney truly "SAVED" this house from a wrecking ball and demolition like many other homes known as the "White Elephants", which were easily allowed to go into the dust of tomorrow.

 When it came to the painful decision to sell Belcourt Castle, Harle Tinney knew she was selling a home ....and certainly not a business, for she had no intention of doing so. The Tinney family had been allowed by the City of Newport to do a great thing and earned their respect, as anyone should through time.

 To avoid confusion, regarding the Gold Coronation Coach, that the Tinney family built, it was NEVER sold, it has always remained part of the Tinney family. It had been stored inside since it was completed in 1969 and NEVER during the Tinney family ownership, was it ever placed or stored outside for any period of time.

 Harle Tinney hopes the future brings clarity, for many things may be printed but does one actually believe them? Anyone can say that anything is true but just because it is said by someone else, does not make it the truth!

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